This amazing masterclass — The Power of You — brings together four individuals who are not only light workers but experts in assisting you to empower yourself to create a freedom of self, of feelings and emotions, of the words we say to ourselves and allowing yourself to live a life worth living after loss, defeat, unmet expectations, untrue beliefs, and fear of not being enough! 

 We all struggle to find our own power. We all struggle to understand our power that is within and how to use the power we have for not only processing loss and grief. But also to evoke confidence, financial success, self worth and a sense of how life can be lived through that internal power!

The struggle with pain, insecurity and uncertainty is a symptom of you not realizing the Power of you.

You believe that because you are struggling with grief, pain, loneliness, transition that you haven't stepped into your own power. Or you believe you are powerless, you are stunted and unable to find your power!!

But what if you don't know what those powers are?

You believe at this very instance you are powerless in all that happens around you, to you and you just don't know how to move forward.

As you make your way through life in 2018 it can be incredibly lonely, it is almost impossible to see how it can ever get better. It may feel as if you don't know where to go or how feel empowered or better!

The disappointments and the indecision plague you daily:

You look in the mirror really not liking who you see.

You aren't sure of who you are suppose to be

You aren't sure of who you want to be

You feel defeated

You feel fear and uncertainty

You don't feel as if you are getting anywhere in life

You aren't sure how to proceed

But have no fear that ability to find your inner power is being offered to you!!!

Here is the truth, you've spent so much energy and effort trying to find power in a title, a person, material possessions, fame, and everything (anything) outside of yourself. 

Here is the truth, we cannot get rid of pain, trauma, disappointment, or grief that you are feeling without finding your inner power. With the help of some great friends and also my own personal support system, we have decided to give you a Master Class to assist you in finding the power of you!

We will provide you guidance to assist you to find the power of you and how to use this in every area of your life!

You will realize that the power of you is the foundation as to how you face every area of your life! 

I am talking about how to cope with the pain, with the emotional intelligence to face others with your grief, how to find self-love and how to create self talk to understand that you are enough and this all comes from the power of you!!! 

The Power of You Masterclass is for you, if you want to fill that void, that fear, that hopelessness.

for a transformation to find peace, clarity and reassurance that regardless of what you face, the power of you will get you through.

No matter how hard. No matter how uncertain. With the power of you, you become the hero of your journey!


"AfterChloe", Grief Specialist

Melo Garica is a grief specialist, helping you to learn to live through losing what you cannot replace and finding your worth in all areas of your life.


Mentor, Body Positive Advocate

Zsuzsanna Szkiba is a published Author, Self-Love Mentor, Positive Image activist and Motivational Speaker promoting self love and encouraging everyone to discover that certain PLUS within making each of us beautiful.


Emotional Intelligence Mentor

Kathy Hunter is an Emotional Intelligence Mentor assisting those in finding their own self worth and learning to thrive in all areas of your life.


Inspirational Speaker, Author

Crystal Scretching is a best selling author and speaker devoted to helping others tap into their authentic self and create a life that they love. Through positive self-talk and affirmations, she will encourage you to own that "You are enough".

  • Wouldn't you love to feel strong, powerful, reassured you know where you are going and why?
  • Wouldn't you love to feel comfortable in your own self versus looking everywhere else for love & power?

Well now you can, every single one of us has crafted a Masterclass so powerful to reassure you that you are and will begin to live in your own power and purpose!

Not only through the masterclass (which you get to keep for life) but also through the special workbook, and bonuses we have especially created for you!!!

Immerse yourself in finding the power of you.

Hurry and join us now to find the power of you!!!